Hacks for How to Look Younger

When a study was conducted in which individuals were asked to guess the age of models based on their photographs, the study showed that models that looked happy were guessed to be younger than those who made more fearful expressions. Models who wore neutral expressions obtained more accurate guesses. What this study shows is that looking younger is possible with something as simple as a smile. The following are a list of other ways and/or strategies you can utilize if you are looking to achieve a younger look.


  • Maintain Hair Volume


Your hair can show aging through loss of color and volume. Counteract this by using products that will give your hair volume. Lightening your hair can even making any thinning less obvious. Furthermore, you’d be surprised what a regular deep-conditioning regimen can do to fight dryness, making your hair appear healthy and youthful.


  • Sport Fuller Eyebrows


Eyebrow hair, like the hair on your head, can show aging through thinning. Therefore, it’s important to not over-pluck your eyebrows. If your eyebrows are naturally thin, you can make them fuller by using an eyebrow pencil. Fuller brows will make your face look more youthful.


  • Keep Skin Moisturized


Your skin shows obvious signs of aging through wrinkles. To combat wrinkles, make sure your skin is always moisturized. Be sure to avoid soaps and toners with alcohol as its base as this can dry out your skin even more. Use gentle cleansers and moisturize your skin in the morning and evening. If your skin needs an extra boost, use an anti-wrinkle cream.


  • Keep Hands Moisturized


Hands, like the skin on your face, can show signs through dryness and wrinkling. Take care of your hands in the same way you would your face by moisturizing regularly and avoiding over-drying with harsh hand soaps. Additionally, you can make your own brightening hand exfoliator with sea salt and lemon juice.


  • Eat Vegetables


Consumption of varying vegetables can help make your skin appear more youthful. Green vegetables are especially good at helping to reduce the impact of bruising, which makes your skin look dark and less youthful. On the other hand, red vegetables help protects the skin against UV rays, which are known for the appearance of aging skin.


  • Apply Grapes and Other Berries


Grapes and other berries contain Sorbitol, substance that attracts and retains water. Application of these berries to your skin will help it absorb and retain moisture. They can be applied to the skin using a DIY skin mask or by applying moisturizers with these ingredients in them.


  • Consume Fish


Oily fish, such as salmon, are rich in dimethylaminoethanol, an ingredient commonly found in anti-aging moisturizers. Dimethylaminoethanol is known to boost muscle tone and will make any coarse wrinkles on your face disappear.


  • Be Wary of Tight Clothes


Signs of aging can show on your body through sagging and weight retention, since our metabolism tends to slow down as we age. To hide signs of sagging, avoid wearing tight shirts that will easily display this. Also avoid shirts with deep, plunging necklines as this will showcase any wrinkles you have as well as expose the delicate skin.


  • Incorporate Exercise


Exercise is great to incorporate into your routine regardless of your age. A good combination of cardiovascular and resistance exercise will not only make your body more toned, but it will make you feel more youthful, which is perhaps its most important advantage.